Agency instructors and trainers must create many written documents such as lesson plans, instructions, handouts, slides, and training reports. This session helps people in those positions create documents that reflect the same professionalism in writing that they are bringing to the rest of the training. People will notice and care if these documents contain mistakes.

This basic class includes the following topics:

  • Techniques to overcome writer’s block.
  • A review of basic grammar skills that relate to giving instructions.
  • A painless review of punctuation.
  • A review of how to strengthen the coherence of lessons plans, instructions, and slides.
  • Tips for dealing with weak spelling skills.
  • Tips to help proofread and edit quickly and effectively.

Length of Session: 6-7.5 hours

Resources for attendees:

  • Samples of lesson plans
  • List of relevant action verbs
  • Conference or seminar summary report