I have worked full time in public safety since 1982 and, as you can imagine, have attended countless continuing education sessions, conferences and seminars. Mary is one of the top three instructors that I have seen in my 33 years of attending training!

We have seen an immediate and noticeable improvement in our personnel’s report narratives. Other chiefs who sent personnel have reported similar results.

We had a very diverse group of students in the seminars. They included career command staff members from large, metropolitan departments, first year volunteer firefighters from rural departments and everything in between. Mary kept them all equally engaged and interested in the training.

In this age of constant connection, it’s normal to see people distracted by smartphones, tablets and laptops during seminars and meetings. I watched people put away their mobile devices in order to give Mary their full attention.

Mary accomplished in eleven hours what I have not been able to do in 15 years. My personnel have an enhanced understanding of the importance of good documentation and their reports have improved dramatically!

Michael MayChiefGrandville, MI (January 2016)

This was a fantastic course. I learned valuable skills that I intend to implement immediately.

J JohnsonFirefighterColorado

Great course! It’s intended for the adult learner and knocks the rust off of skills that have not been used in years. Mary was awesome.”

Missy ThorpeParris Island Fire Rescue

Outstanding instruction. Good student interaction.

Doug PeakeParris Island

Mary kept the class interesting throughout the day. I would like to attend another class.

Lee StevensSaginaw, Texas Fire Department

I would recommend this class to any firefighter or fire officer.

Warren OlsenBC

The class made me realize just how easily I can fix my grammar and spelling problems.

Drew PhelpsFirefighter

Sincere enthusiasm, thorough knowledge, and a delightful style of presenting her material.

Larry McCarty

This is the best session I’ve attended at this conference.

Lisa Van BuskirkFirefighter

Thanks for such a great class last week. I have received nothing but positive feedback and praise for your presentation.

Peter BradshawDeputy Chief

Class activities were very effective.

Ron Dennis(Former) PresidentArizona Training Officers Association

This class is something I can use and take back to the department.

Dan Barkhurst

Of all the classes (I’ve taken) on report writing, this was far and away the best I have attended.

Mel Sorensen

Very good presentation. Very relevant to the fire officers across the state.

Rick Southey

Excellent program. I feel better prepared.

Charles Leighton

I felt that this was extremely informative and helpful for me. Great class!

Jeff Gilbert

My writing skills have improved immensely since taking Mary’s class. She helped me to be complete, concise, and correct. I know her training helped me on my last assessment center!

Steve ChristenCO

As in the case of all of our programs, I personally review each and every one of the course evaluations and provide feedback accordingly. I wanted to make you aware that the feedback on your program was exemplary, and for that I am happy to provide you with a just a few comments that were recorded and hope it makes you smile.” Jim Graves, Director of Maine Fire Service Institute, 2015
“Instructor was excellent, I think all departments would benefit from this course.”
“Great ability to relate materials to the audience.”
“Very good program and I would recommend this class to every person that may need to submit reports, grants, and request.”

From participants from the Maine Fire Service Institute

Jim Graves, Director of Maine Fire Service Institute