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Basic Business Writing Skills

South Davis Metro Fire 255 South 100 West, Bountiful

Two full-day Zoom training sessions for South Davis Metro Fire. Topics: Basic Business Writing Skills, Tips to Strengthen Report Narratives, & Best Practices for Workplace Email.

Zoom Session 1 – Getting Started

Who Cares about How I Write?  How Can I Overcome Writer’s Block? This session provides a motivating start to any and all sessions of Ignite Your Writing seminars. It can boost the confidence and personal motivation to begin tackling the writing issue. Those whose skills are already strong are likely to find a few important […]


Zoom Session 2 – Revisiting Grammar

What Can I do About Grammar Issues? One cause of weak documents is the uncertainty about the rules of grammar. This session will help clarify commonly confused rules needed for correct usage. How can I eliminate sentence fragments and run-ons? What do I really need to know about pronouns? Is it me, myself, or I? […]

Zoom Session 3 – Writing Concisely

How Can I Recognize Opportunities To Write More Concisely? This session shows simple yet effective techniques to help write concisely. Our readers want us to get straight to the point. When we don’t, our main message might get buried, or readers might stop reading before actually getting to the main message. How can I develop […]


Session 4 – Understanding Paragraphs

How can I make my paragraphs readable and coherent? A simple way to strengthen writing is to apply basic guidelines for composing clear and concise paragraphs. This session reviews four features of paragraphs that, when applied, will simplify the writing process for the writer and lead to a finished document that works for the readers.


Zoom Session 5 – Spelling, Punctuation, Proofreading

How can I reduce confusion with punctuation? I’ve always struggled with spelling. Can I really do anything about that? How can I proofread when time is limited? When correct punctuation is omitted or misused, the writer’s message can get lost or misunderstood. Session 5 will demystify commonly used and confused pieces of punctuation and will […]


Zoom Session 6 – Strengthening Report Narratives

How Can I Complete My Reports More Quickly Yet More Effectively? What Can My Department Do to Improve Reports Department-Wide? Fire and EMS members are often asked to produce reports for which they've never received training. Because all reports are public records and because there are many legitimate end users of these reports who rightfully […]